All About Brad

Brad was born, bred, and still lives in (and loves) Toronto, Canada. While his day job keeps him busy, almost every spare moment is spent either travelling, planning travel for himself or others, or churning credit cards for points, points, points. When you look up "points whore" in the dictionary, Brad's picture is there.

Recent updates from Brad

SIM Cards in Japan

?One word of advice if you are planning to buy a SIM card for use in Japan -- buy it at the airport when you land!! It was surprisingly difficult to find a tourist-friendly SIM card to buy elsewhere in the country.

Brad Gets Rouged And Lives To Tell

The Guys Who Travel went to Vegas last weekend, and on the flight down, Brad gets Rouged! Here's his story.

What's In Brad's Wallet

There are lots of different credit cards available for Canadians. Here's what Brad has in his wallet, and why.

So Long Aeroplan AND Air Canada, Hello United Mileage Plus

Goodbye Air Canada Aeroplan, Hello United Mileage Plus. Why Brad is finally making the switch.

From The Mailbag - Earning Aeroplan Points From The US

From the Guys Who Travel mailbag -- "How Can I Collect Aeroplan Points Through A Credit Card As A US Resident?"


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