All About Zak

Born and raised in Michigan. Relocated to the wonderful city of Toronto. Traveling has always been a passion, but just recently started taking advantage of it.

Recent updates from Zak

TSA Pre Check Expands to Air Canada

TSA Pre Check has been expanded to Air Canada making it the first International Carrier to be a part of the program.

The Chase Sapphire Preferred Card, The Holy Grail of Travel Cards

If you are a traveler, there is no better card than the Chase Sapphire Preferred credit card. With benefits like 2x points on dining and travel, no foreign transaction fees, and a 40K point sign up bonus, there is no excuse not to use this card for your everyday spending.

Why You Should Get a NEXUS Card

If you travel between the US and Canada frequently, you should really think about getting a Nexus card. It allows you to skip normal customs lines and become a "trusted traveler" between the two countries. Here's my experience with getting my Nexus card.

First Time in LA

I've never been to LA, but always wanted to go. Finally had the opportunity to go for the weekend. It was a blast.

You Can Steal My Luggage, But You Can't Steal My Spirit

Many people have experienced an airline misplacing their luggage for a day or two, but not many have actually had theirs stolen from an airport.


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