One Day in Singapore

One Day in Singapore

I'm travelling to Singapore for one day.

The Andaz Tokyo

We are spending Canadian Thanksgiving weekend in Tokyo this year. Brad found a seat sale that couldn't keep us away. Our hotel this trip is the Andaz, a beautiful, new, modern hotel near the Shinbashi station.

Travelling Home in Etihad Apartments

Our route home from Japan included a leg from Abu Dhabi to New York (JFK) on the Etihad A380 in the Apartments. The leg is the reason why we planned this trip to Japan in the first place, we managed to get a points ticket in order to enjoy a one-of-a-kind travel experience.

The Journey Home - Japan August 2016 Trip

Today we started our journey home to Toronto. We started from Sapporo and flew to Haneda (Tokyo) tonight. We are staying the night at Haneda and the really journey starts tomorrow. We are taking JAL Business class to Singapore, Etihad Business to Abu Dhabi, and then Etihad Apartments (First) to New York where we transfer to American airlines for our final leg. It will be an exciting adventure, and a long one.

Japan - August Trip

Today we embark on a 10 day trip to Japan. What prompted this trip was an opportunity to fly home using points in the fabulous Etihad Apartments. More about that later. So building around this flight we decided to travel to parts of Japan we have yet to explore: Sapporo and Nagoya.

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