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Great Credit Card Deal For Canadians

Friends often ask me advice on what credit card to get. There are a few really good cards out there, but one of the best deals right now for Canadians involves the American Express Gold Card.

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My (not-so) Secret Addiction - Starbucks Mugs!

First thing I ask when I get to any new city: Where's the Starbucks? But not just for a latte - I need to buy a mug!

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Using SIM Cards While Traveling Internationally

We love to travel and we love our iPhones. How do we manage to get data on our iPhones without breaking the bank? Here are some of the countries we have visited, and how we got our internet access.

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Indispensable Apps While Traveling

There are over 750,000 apps in the iPhone app store. Here are six that are indispensable for travel junkies like us.

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My Weekend In LA

The Three Guys Who Travel were in LA for the Weekend. Alas, Brad's weekend wasn't quite as exciting as it was for the other two, Bree-sighting notwithstanding.

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Fly More With Your Miles

We all love to use our miles for free travel (taxes and fuel scam-charges notwithstanding). But here's a trick to add on an additional trip without using more miles!

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My Experience Redeeming Aegean Air Miles

My main reason for crediting flights to Aegean was to get Star Alliance Gold status. But now that I had the points, I might as well try to redeem them!

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Aegean Airlines - The Easiest Way to Star Alliance Gold

If you love to travel as much as we do, having some sort of travel status in an airline is a must. Shorter lines to check-in. Waived baggage fees. Lounge access prior to flight. I was able to secure Star Alliance Gold using Aegean Airlines... and I have never even flown on the airline.

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