Airport Lounging and Showering

March 1, 2013

I have a thing about showering in lounges. Even if I don't need a shower it is always fun, just because I can. Why not give the little bathroom lady something to do? If no one used the shower and took a poop in the private bathroom then she would be out of a job. I'm helping unemployment. I'm going to shower for the betterment of others. 

After 14 hours on this past flight from Toronto to Hong Kong, you may have thought I needed a shower. Well I didn't. I packed some jogging pants which I changed into as soon as we lifted off and I stripped down to a red tank... So I wasn't ripe upon landing. Plus they have this delicious face spray that refreshes you in Business class on Cathay... So I didn't have that not-so-fresh feeling upon landing. But the shower was there and the little Asian lady almost pushed us  down the blue lit hallway to our own individual bathrooms at The Wing lounge. 

There is an air of adventure stripping down naked in the middle of an airport in a foreign city. Yes, no one can see you... But it is somewhat liberating. 

This shower room today was extraordinarily nice. Good lighting, nice taps and very clean. After a long flight, two 3 course meals and too much coffee, it was nice not to have to maneuver a plane toilet. Although, this toilet had the biggest opening my butt has ever experienced. If I had an eating disorder I would have definitely fallen in. The button to flush was fun... A touch surface. 

The humongous rain shower.

I pretty much detest any rain shower and although pretty they just aren't practical. I want pressure so I can feel the dirt being beat off of me, not just a little dribble as if I just got hit by a sneeze. Also I don't understand why they put the taps on the other side of the big mother of a rain shower. So no matter how hard you try to reach around where the water will drop, you are going to get hit by that 3 seconds of cold water. But whatever, I'm not one to complain. I was daisy fresh after my lounge shower and ready to explore. 

We went to three lounges at HKG. The Wing has to be the nicest and it was also the less busy of the other two. Open ceiling to the airport and cool little pods where you can work. The food, being so early, was breakfast themed. I managed to find some scrambled eggs and ham. If we had being later we could have had custom noodles and a wide variety of dim sum. 

The Wing Lounge at HKG

These Asian lounges put our North American lounges to shame. Noodle Bars, Health Bars with on demand juices and smoothies, random croissant trays conveniently placed for those looking for carbs. They know how to treat their privileged. Unfortunately when we left Toronto, the lounge we had to use was the KLM lounge... Crusty tuna sandwiches and an overpowering smell of deodorizer coming from the bathroom. But that is long forgotten... Three lounges are better than one, especially when you can shower. 

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