Airport People

October 10, 2013

So far this trip to Berlin has been entertaining, I don't mean the TV shows I downloaded to my iPad, but watching the other passengers.

When there is a delay, people get worried, angry and downright annoying. Of course, there is good reason when you may miss your flight due to a delay. But the airline normally does what it can to help you out. And I truly believe that airlines don't want to be late.

A Beijing bound couple approached the gate worried of the late departure. Well, they had booked their two legs separately, so instead of one PNR/Itinerary they had two. This sucks for them because if they get delayed the airline won't automatically shift their flights around to get them to their final destination. Why did they book separately? Who knows, but proof you should book all legs on one PNR. The couple spent an hour with a very patient gate agent and from what I could eavesdrop, they couldn't help them. At least this couple wasn't mad or belligerent.

While the couple was sucking up the agents time others were waiting patiently. One guy waited for about 15 minutes to ask if he needed his passport out when boarding. I'm really not sure why it mattered to him. He annoyed me. He was in a Tommy Bahamas shirt.

Over and over people would approach the desk and they would ask the same question and the United staff was friendly and patient even though the gate monitor clearly showed the departure time. But it can't hurt to ask again right?

So remember that Beijing bound couple? As they were boarding a few people ahead of me, the flight attendant let them know their bag may be too large for the overhead and they will need to gate check. We are on a tiny Embraer so almost every bag gets gate checked. Well, they pushed it up into the overhead and the next thing they were calling the flight attendant because now the door was stuck. Was the flight attendant furious. Good luck making a good escape to catch your Beijing flight!

P.S. The passport guy in his Tommy Bahamas shirt just walked down the aisle and of course he picked a time when the flight attendant is at the last row with her cart in front of the bathroom door. Loser.

P.P.S end of the flight and the guy still couldn't get the hatch open. I didn't stick around to see what happens.

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