Cathay Business Class Meals on the way home from Hong Kong

March 19, 2013

Flying home Business was basically the same as the flight to Hong Kong. The only differences are the movies, the food and the fact I need to be wearing a jacket when I get off the plane. Sadly, Toronto is getting snow tonight even though I was hoping I would be coming home to Spring.

Leaving at 4:45pm Monday afternoon in Hong Kong is crappy when you will be arriving at 7:45pm Monday evening in Toronto. With that being said, I'll just talk about the food on this CX826 flight from HKG to YYZ and not that I'm watching Looper with blurred out boobies in Business Class. 

It wouldn't be Business Class if you couldn't down a drink before taking off. My drink of choice was a Cloud Nine. One of Cathay's signature drink: Vodka, Cointreau, sprite and a dash of lemon. Delicious... especially the sugar rim.

Brad and I aren't fans of smoked salmon but I am like a goldfish... I'll pretty much eat whatever is put in front of me. This flight was smoked salmon with créme fraiche, salmon roe and asparagus. I think it is a risky choice for an airline because in my opinion, smoked salmon isn't loved by everyone, salmon roe is liked by even fewer and asparagus makes your pee smell and plane bathrooms aren't the freshest as it stands normally. I have to confess,  I haven't stuck to my Paleo lifestyle the past two days, and I continue the trend. So yes, that is garlic bread.

Cathay Pacific Business Class Meal HKG to YYZ

Along with the salmon there was a salad that I enjoyed twice (since Brad wasn't a fan) that had artichoke hearts, roasted peppers and olives. 

Cathay Pacific Business Class Meal HKG to YYZ

The main was much more in line with what I should be eating. Against most travellers recommendations I did select the beef and it was quite good. Grilled Australian prime beef tenderloin with veggies and mashed parsnip. Perfect!

Cathay Pacific Business Class Meal HKG to YYZ

I tried some of Brad's chicken makhanwala (fancy word for something Indian) with rice and vegetables and it was quite good. On the spicy side with lots of flavour!

The next course, was of course, the cheese and fruit course. The cheeses offered were Fourme d'Ambert (a blue cheese), cheddar, and reblochon with apple and rosemary paste. The fruit consisted of strawberries, huge seeded grapes, melon and papaya. Not a fan of the papaya... You learn something every day. 

Cathay Pacific Business Class Meal HKG to YYZ

The last course was dessert. Brad opted for some Haagen Daas. I opted for the Yuzu and milk chocolate mousse cake with blueberry cake. It was good, light and a good way to end the meal. But the highlight of the dessert was the spork. Who doesn't like a spork?

Cathay Pacific Business Class Meal HKG to YYZ

Breakfast which was really at 6pm Toronto time, started with a smoothie and fruit. I have decided that papaya is actually not bad, but dragon fruit is definitely hit an miss. I opted to deny the bread requests, but I will be having the dim sum breakfast. 

Cathay Pacific Business Class Meal HKG to YYZ

Here is my last harrah and the last complex carbs for a while: Pork siu mai with scallop, shrimp dumpling, pork and chive dumpling, and mini glutinous rice wrapped in lotus leaf. I love sticky rice and this was no exception. A good way to arrive home... especially since I'm going to be starting the Master Cleanse tomorrow... (if I can handle it).

Cathay Pacific Business Class Meal HKG to YYZ

Overall, I really enjoyed the food on this flight. As per normal, the service was fantastic too. We have yet to be disappointed. Always an adventure, and always makes the flight that much more enjoyable when the food is good!

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