Celine: We are still coming. Don't worry.

January 20, 2017

First of all, for our worried mothers, we are fine, we are safe and sound in a Hilton where the Foursquare tip states: Great hotel, sketchy neighbourhood, beds are super comfy and people are nice. I'm glad the beds are comfy, the people have been nice and the door is locked, don't worry.

We were flying from Toronto to Las Vegas via Houston. The flight went well and we thought it was going to be another uneventful flight and we would be gambling by midnight. As it turns out we received notice of a gate change and we thought nothing of it, it was actually going to bring us closer to our departing gate.

Well it turns out that the gate we came into was actually an international gate. The airport staff came on the intercom and said we had to go through customs and pick up our bags. What? That didn't make sense. We have already cleared customs in Canada of course. Had Trump made an executive order to block Canadian's from contributing to the Vegas economy? 

We were channeled through the empty airport, through customs where they simply glanced at our passports and to a secure baggage carousel. We collected our bag and by this time we had definitely missed our flight and being the keeners we are, we had already noticed that Brad was removed from his upgraded business class seat... GASP.   I wasn't upgraded so I didn't lose out on anything.

After talking briefly to a supervisor we learned that the flight at some point turned into a security risk. So what we could piece together was that they were looking for someone or something. So all our bags had to be scanned on the way out.

So now that I type this, the story isn't that interesting. But it definitely added some spice to the trip. And we want to let Celine know that we will still be there tomorrow night for her. After two prior attempts and two cancellations, third time is a charm. 


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