First Time in LA

January 29, 2013

There's one thing you need to know about LA if you've never been...Everything seems close, but it's not. You have to drive EVERYWHERE, and there is always traffic. Maybe I'm just spoiled since I've moved to Toronto and can walk or take the subway.

The weather was pretty crappy on Friday, but Steven and I had a Paramount Studios tour planned early in the morning. It was actually pretty cool. We went on the set of Happy Endings and Glee was filming. We got to see LL Cool J (Dude's actually a big guy in real life). I really enjoyed the whole thing.

Then we went shopping at the Beverly Center. Got some clothes because our luggage was lost. 

Friday night we had dinner at Villa Blanca. If you watch Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, you know where it is. We wanted to go, just to say we went (Brad and Steve already went, it really was for me). The place has a great atmosphere and a great selection of food. Then to my surprise, I look over and see Ken with Giggy. I was like, "Where is Lisa..." Then... like a ray of sunshine, Lisa walks in. She is just the greatest. I poked Brad and said "POKE STEVE!" and we both had our little giggle fit (Brad doesn't watch the show so he doesn't get our excitement, nor did anyone at the table with us). I had a mini freak out moment. She sat down at the table next to us with a group of people.  I felt bad because everyone was taking photos of her. She was there for dinner, not for work, leave her alone. Dinner was great, company was great, great night.

Saturday we went to Venice beach. Pretty cool how many people are out during the day there. The weather was fantastic! We walked along the beach and the pier.

Saturday night we went out to West Hollywood for dinner at Basix.  I wasn't sold. I got a steak, and they put this weird seaweed garnish. It tainted the whole meal, but beer was cheap ($4). Afterwards we went to Fubar. It's a small strip bar. It was fun, and all drinks were $1 for like 2 hours. It was crazy.  We hung out there all night before walking through West Hollywood. Pretty crazy the amount of people. Very fun.

Sunday was Rodeo drive. We had lunch at Cheesecake Factory, Followed by shopping.  Steven was looking to replace his Rimowa, so we went to the Rimowa store, and he bought nothing, and I walked out with a new travel zippy for my passport, credit cards, boarding passes. They're essential for traveling. I talked myself out of the Bally one, just didn't want to spend that on a zippy.

Dinner was at this semi vegan restaurant/diner with Margaret. I had a guacamole stuffed grilled cheese.  Mediocre, but the fries were good.

Our flight out of LAX was at 1040. Again, Steven talked me into multiple legs on the way home so we went LAX->LAS->IAH->ORD->YYZ Ridiculous. I have a hard time sleeping on planes if they are short flights, and the longest was 2.5 hours. So when we landed in Toronto at 3pm today, I was exhausted because I got 45 minutes of sleep in almost 36 hours.

Overall LA was amazing. We went and looked at celebrity houses (did you know you can find their addresses online? Sorry Jennifer Aniston for creeping in your driveway), saw them in real life, ate lots of great food, met some great new friends, and more importantly, got out of freezing Toronto for a hot second.

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