Madonna at Hard Candy Opening in Berlin

October 17, 2013

Who knew this trip to Berlin would be so full of celebrity. I went from D-List to A-List in exactly one week. It started on my flight to Berlin on United from Newark. I was making my way to my seat, yes in Economy (I need the miles for United Platinum next year), and who was making sure their family was nicely tucked away in the back? Geraldo Rivera. At first I thought he would be sitting a few seats ahead, but nope, he ditched sleeping upright for the first row in BusinessFirst. His wife and child nicely in the back.

So with that celebrity (if you can award him that title) just a speck in my memory to one of the greatest superstars in the world, Madonna. No. I didn't plan this trip to go visit her at her gym opening, even though it would have been a great story for the guy in the crowd who actually asked us how far we traveled to see Her Madgesty. It just happened the opening was this week, it seemed so easy to go to the gym, stand for an hour or two and see Madonna in the flesh.

Not so easy. Four hours later she showed up, of course there was never an arrival time that we knew about, we just assumed she would show up around 6 or so. Sure, we had opera tickets that we were hopeful that we would make at 7:30, but that never happened. By 7 we had passed the point of no return. We had already missed the window to make it to the Opera and we had survived a rain shower that passed over the crowd. This was Madonna, she was worth it.

And so this was the outcome, 2 minutes of the Material girl about 5 feet away from me... no regrets.

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