What I didn't like about Marina Bay Sands

March 6, 2013

Just look at it. It is hideous. The towers and the pool and the crazy looking lotus flower out front. Who in their right mind would think this hotel is beautiful?

Well actually, everyone does. I haven't heard a negative thing about the Marina Bay Sands. Everyone uses terms like: spectacular, amazing, stunning. I really don't want the Marina Bay Sands to get a pumped up ego, so I'm going to focus on the negatives after our two night stay. Like a pretty little girl, you just don't want her beauty to all go to her head...

Here are the reasons why I didn't like the Marina Bay Sands

They really shouldn't have put the pool on the roof. It attracts way too many people to take the exact same picture. 

Marina Bay Sands Singapore

Having no edge to the pool may make people who are afraid of heights a little squeamish, after all it is the 57th floor. 

The gym is well equipped with an amazing view. When on vacation, no one should be tempted to work out. 

Marina Bay Sands Singapore

The toilet paper was rough. 

The location of the towers across from Singapore CBD (Central Business District) just provides too good of a view, if you are trying to work you tend to get sidetracked quite a bit. 

Marina Bay Sands Singapore

The breakfast that came included with the Club Suite was on the 57th floor had way too many carbs. 

Marina Sands Bay Club Breakfast

The 900sq ft room gave us too much space to mess up. 

Marina Bay Sands Singapore

The surprise window behind an automatic shade in the bathroom that faced the Gardens made me want to waste my time having baths. 

Marina Bay Sands Singapore

The amenities included bath accoutrement like a loofa, bath salts, and bubbling bath foam. No one should be forced to have a relaxing bath after a 23 hours of travel time.  

The shower door should have opened into the shower and not out. How am I supposed to get my towel if it is hanging on the outside of the door?

The attached Marina Bay shopping centre was just too fancy with all its fancy stores and probably one of the most beautiful Louis Vuitton stores in existence. 

Louis Vuitton

It was quite difficult to choose where to eat with all the amazing restaurants like Pizzeria Mozza and db Bistro. For one meal we did settle on some dim sum at Din Tai Fung... some of the best dumplings we have had in a while.

Delicious Dim Sum at Din Tai Fung

The Marina Bay Art Science Museum in the lotus building was just too cool, forcing us to take so many pictures and reinforcing the fact that I love Lego. 

The Art of the Brick

The casino was huge, but the ceiling reminded me too much of female genitalia and I didn't walk out a winner. 

Marina Bay Sands Casino

The concierge was just to friendly and helpful. She led us in all the right directions and provided us with some great sight seeing tips. 

Marina Bay Sands Singapore

The toilet paper was rough. 

So as you can tell, our stay there was just miserable. Hopefully Marina Bay Sands takes note of all these negatives and tries a little harder, maybe they can start with the toilet paper. I look forward to returning to Singapore and maybe if we're lucky, we'll get to stay there again... But don't let Marina Bay know that, her ego is already big enough.

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