Next Stop - Istanbul

April 28, 2013

It’s been 3 weeks since we got back from Vegas, so it’s definitely time for another GuysWhoTravel trip!

On Wednesday night, Steven and I are off to Istanbul. We are pretty excited, since neither of us have been to Turkey before. And we’ve had these tickets booked for a CRAZY long time. Last June we saw a tweet from a friend alerting us to a pretty good seat sale from Toronto to Istanbul. The only catch was that the sale ended at midnight, and we saw the tweet around 9pm. After about 5 minutes of discussion, Steven and I decided “what the hell” and bought the tickets. And now 10 months later, the time has come to actually go!

The itinerary is from Toronto to Munich on Air Canada, and then from Munich to Istanbul on Lufthansa, with the same in reverse. Alas, we are booked in economy, but for the transatlantic leg we are in bulkhead seats which give more room. And (fingers crossed) we hope to be able to use Steven’s e-credits from his Air Canada 50K Elite status to get a free upgrade to business class, but as of now the upgrade hasn’t come through. Hopefully it will come through at the gate.

One problem with the fare is the Lufthansa flight credits 0 miles, which definitely sucks. But at least we will get 8200 miles return from Toronto to Munich.

But back to the trip itself...

I must admit that even though we’ve had over 10 months to think about it, we actually haven’t done too much planning. We are only there for 5 nights, so I don’t expect we will explore much beyond Istanbul proper. The hotels are booked (First 2 nights at the Park Hyatt, and then 3 nights at The Marmara Taksim in Taksim Square.). But other than where we are staying, absolutely nothing else is planned.

So I’ll throw it out there to whoever is reading this who has been to Istanbul before...

What are the must sees? And restaurants we can’t miss? Is there anything you didn’t get to do when you were there that you now wish you had done? Please let us know in the comment section below!

Tesekkür ederim!

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