Visiting the Star Alliance Lounge at LAX... From Terminal 7

March 4, 2018

Experiencing new lounges is always the fun part of traveling. So when we had a three hour layover at LAX, we wanted to take advantage of the new Star Alliance lounge. Brad had already done the research and figured out that we can get there without leaving security, and it would take us about 20 minutes each way. So after disembarking our United plane in Terminal 7, we started the hike. The lounge is located in the Tom Bradley International Terminal which is 4 terminals away from were we normally land with United. 

We had to snake our way out of terminal 7, and find ourselves in a tunnel that started at terminal six, right near the entrance to the Air Canada Maple Leaf Lounge. The tunnel is long. Between 6 and 5 we walked it and there are no move-aters, just a very long blue painted tunnel. When we got to the junction for terminal five and four, there was a man with a motorized cart that had eight seats on it. We weren’t sure if we had to be seniors or physically not able to walk the distance in order to ride the cart, but he asked us if we wanted a ride. Of course we said yes. On the ride he explained that he did accept tips, so the fact that we were three healthy men taking the lazy route made the guilt fade away because we tipped him. The cart ride cut off quite a few minutes taking us to terminal 4. It was fun honking as he drove up behind walkers as we passed.

After alighting the cart, we made our way into the Tom Bradley International terminal where the lounges are. 

The Star Alliance Lounge wasn’t anything overly amazing in my opinion. Visually it was pretty standard as far as lounges go. They have a pretty decent buffet and make-yourself noodle bar which of course made me eat way too much before boarding a flight where I was going to be eating again. 

The shower suites were pretty standard, just like the lounge. After flying YYZ to EWR then EWR to LAX, we were ready to have a shower before our 18 hour flight to Singapore. We have definitely visited more well equipped and fancy shower suites... I'm looking at you Cathay's The Wing Lounge in Hong Kong.

What gives his lounge an advantage over other lounges, is that it is blessed with outdoor space. Don’t expect a patio with a view, that is minimal, but it was nice to get outside and breath in some of that fresh Los Angeles Airport air. They have numerous sitting areas, fireplaces and bubbly ready for your relaxation or to have a chat before your upcoming long international flight... or your long walk back to Terminal 7.

So our lounge experience was spent showering, eating, and some more eating. Would we make the trek again? Probably not since we are normally flying United and it is just too far to go from Terminal 7 but if we feel we REALLY need a shower before a long flight, then just maybe we would make it happen.

Brad's 2 Cents

Boy, Steven is hard to please! I thought the lounge was top notch. I agree that it’s a major shlep from the United terminals and not worth it unless you have a very long layover. But once you get there, I found it a great space. Many different areas with various seating options (including the very cool outdoor space that Steven mentioned). Good food selection. Full bar service. Friendly staff. Sure, it doesn’t rank up there with the Etihad First Class Lounge in Abu Dhabi or the Turkish Business Lounge in Istanbul, but compared to the rest of the s**thole that is LAX, it’s an oasis!)

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